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1. What are your hours of operation?

Our grand opening is scheduled for November 19th 2022. We will be open Tuesday through Sunday, 7am-8pm.

2. What is the White Glove Butler Service?

Think "Residential Room Service".


Just as you would order hotel room service, enjoy the convenience of fresh, hot coffees, gourmet pastries and sandwiches in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Our White Glove Butlers will instantly chauffeur your favorite menu items on a silver platter, up to your suite for your and your guests to enjoy.

This service is exclusive to The Arches residents during the weekends only.

3. Will the White Glove Butler Service require membership?

Yes, more information on membership is coming soon.

4. What will the menu feature?

Our menu is featured on our daily menu page. More details will be given soon.

On the weekends, we will have interchangeable menus as we partner with top rated restaurants to bring delicious foods to First Level Cafe events.

5. Will your menu have vegan and gluten free options?

Our daily menu will feature items that are gluten free as well as items that are vegan.

6. Will you have loyalty points?

Yes, the loyalty system is coming soon.

7. Will First Level Cafe deliver on Uber Eats, Doordash, ect?

No, First Level Cafe will not deliver on any third party apps.

8. Is First Level Cafe exclusive to The Arches residents only?

First Level Cafe is designed to meet the needs of our neighborhood. We welcome all customers to visit our space. 

Note: The White Glove Butler Service is the only service exclusive to the Residents of The Arches.


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